Andrew van Esch

Andrew van Esch has a broad range of work experience as a General Manager as well as in the fields of sales, marketing and communication. He’s a real people’s person who, ever since being a student has made networking and maintaining contacts his work. He has worked for the Nederlands Studie Centrum (Dutch Study Centre), Management Studiecentrum De Baak, UNPO, Adviesbureau Winkelman & van Hessen, Nederlands Dans Theater (Dutch Dance Theatre), TV West and the Holland Dance Festival, in that order. Thereafter, he started his own bureau together with his partner, Edvard Daamen: Dæsch Creative Concepts, which gives advice about marketing, communication and concept development. Dæsch has developed into a specialist bureau for providing advice on working with embassies, international organisations and local and national government offices in the Netherlands. The bureau has set up many projects and events for any number of embassies, local and national government offices, international organisations and the internationally operating business world. The common theme that runs through their work is often the link to social themes and how they make connections between the creative sector in the respective country and the Netherlands.

Andrew is someone who has a sharp eye for companies, thanks to his long management, entrepreneurial and creative experience; where do a company’s or organisation’s opportunities lie and what are the pit falls? Which phase is the company in and which type of leadership works best at this stage?

The Arts & Culture sector is currently going through troubled times. Whereas this sector was previously highly subsidised by the government and received a lot of support from various funds, it is now expected that the Arts & Culture sector can get more out of the market, raising their own funds, selling more tickets and attracting more sponsors. This demands a totally different approach, a new focus and thereby, a new generation of managers in this very important sector. This same manager mustn’t only focus on income but must also be passionate about the art product that he is “selling”. Andrew has experienced this himself when working for the Dutch Dance Theatre, the Holland Dance Festival and in many other management functions. He sees it as his mission to help the Arts & Culture sector to find a new generation of managers via the Nassau Group, who will help to revitalise the sector and make it strong and resilient for the future.

His personal statement is:

“Use your talents – not only for yourself – share them. Your world will be a brighter and better place.”

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