Remy Rodenhuis

Remy Rodenhuis has an enormous wealth of experience in the area of Executive Search and has been active in this field for more than 20 years. Over the years he has worked for a wide range of clients in various sectors. As well as being Managing Director of the Nassau Group for the last 10 years, in charge of the office of some 10 people, he has also been a member of the INAC organisation since 2005.

As VP Finance he was responsible for making sure that the finances were well managed, after which he was President for three years and in this capacity he managed the international network of executive searchers. Remy’s educational background is a mix of Human Resource Management and Business Administration. Whilst studying for his Master’s Degree in Culture, Organisation and Management (COM) he specialised in the cultural dimension of management and organisations. During this study, attention was given to the questions of organisational culture, ethnic groups and diversity in (transnational) organisational contexts from a national as well as an international perspective. Thereafter, the study concentrated on intervention strategies for culture change, which are linked with a company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

For the last few years Remy has been active in the field of search, assessment and (career) coaching for executive staff, managers, specialists and board members. He can be described as entrepreneurial, result focussed and explicit. His personal statement is:

Live your dream”

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