Rogier Kappen

Rogier Kappen started off as a speech therapist with his own practices in Utrecht and ’s-Hertogenbosch.

He was also active teaching speech therapy and presentation at the Academie voor Journalistiek (Academy of Journalism) in Tilburg. This combination of speech therapy, presentation techniques and journalism meant that he spent more than 20 years focussed on the personal presentation of radio and television journalists, government and business spokesmen, politicians, board members, financial specialists and managers. He also gives increasingly more media training to organisations such as B&W Colleges (colleges for Mayors and City Council members) and the Board Members of companies and organisations. He provides advice when setting up a crisis communication plan and is regularly called in to act as an external advisor in times of crisis. One day a week, Rogier Kappen gives lessons to young cabaret artistes at the Koningstheateracademie (Royal Theatre Academy), an HBO degree course for cabaret and theatre artistes. He can be described as inciting, stimulating and motivating. Rogier Kappen is connected to the Nassau Group in The Hague as an Associated Partner. Here, he shows his clients what their personal presentation style looks like and he is part of our standard offer in the field of career counselling. His personal statement is:

You attract more people with your voice!”

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